Wednesday, March 07, 2007

SILVERJET: First results of operations

Silverjet flew 2,911 passengers in February, its first full month of operations. Load factor was 45% excluding passengers on promotional or discounted fares. CEO Lawrence Hunt said the all-business-class airline's forward bookings and cash flow "are substantially ahead of our initial expectations."


roundtheworld said...

I notice only two airlines, Silverjet and Executive Charter Services, are offsetting their carbon emissions with environmental programs. Shouldn't all airlines be going green like this?

Private Jet said...

Is it really a serious initiative that will actually make a difference or is it more of a make-believe marketing positioning thing? Please allow me to be very skeptical.

Following the recent EC proposals on emission trading, the airline industry has been forced to take position and actively debate environmental issues. Moreover, climate changes and the increse of natural disasters have contributed to raise public awareness on the phenomenon. Positioning oneself as a "green" airline may be all marketing: "look we're proactive, we care... we're good guys!" Is it something to relieve passengers from their guilt? Perhaps.

The fact is that flying is still a very "dirty" business. Aircraft, especially big business jets or airliners that could transport 300 pax (but fly only a lucky few and tons of gold and furniture) are environmental heresies!

I don't really know Executive Charter Services but if the name is representative, they will fly luxurious jets with a handful of people... whether they have in-house recycling programs is not going to make a huge difference. A good thing if they do! :)