Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Private A380 VIP 'Flying Palace' design ready - but order not yet signed

US design house Edése Doret Industrial Design is nearing completion of an interior configuration for a prospective customer for the VIP Airbus A380 "Flying Palace", although the client is yet to sign a firm order for the aircraft.
Airbus revealed earlier this month that an unnamed launch customer had signed a letter of intent for the VIP A380.
Company president Edése Doret says that while the design is nearing completion, it is still subject to adjustment by the client. "They will most likely make changes prior to design freeze," he says.
While Doret will not comment on whether the customer is from the Middle East, the images clearly show flat-screen moving map monitors carrying Arabic script, with Dubai as the origin of a theoretical flightpath.

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syed said...

being rich is common but living rich is something!! hats off ta the Shiekh whose got his "Flying Palace"!! (Mashallah) May you be blessed with more.