Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Why I HATE scam and will never use them to look-up or register a domain!

OK, this has nothing to do with private jets. I know. My apologies. But as a public service announcement to you bloggers and website owners, I need to warn you.

Please never, ever use to look up (even less register) a domain name. I made the mistake to look up the availability of a domain on Network Solutions website this afternoon. I learned the hard way.

The case is typical... you're thinking about a domain. You look it up... taken. You look another one up, taken. Eureka, you come up with a genius spin off, taken! Darn! You try some variations and youppi hurray, you found a decent domain name.

You try to find if it's taken and you happen to look at the NetworkSolutions website. It's available! You start placing an order... until you realize they charge you 35$ per year. What a scam when you know you can get the excellent service and reputation of for 10$ per year.

Common sense makes you leave that shitty website and you try Oups! They did it again. You realize that the kind folks at NetworkSolutions have 'reserved' the domain that you were looking up on their site (but didn't purchase from them at 35$). They will kindly 'hold it' for you for 4 days, effectively preventing you from registering it at or any other reasonably-priced domain registrar! How nice of them especially since ANYONE can grab YOUR dear domain idea in the meantime from NetworkSolutions and there's no way you can prevent that.

Moral of the story:
  1. DO NOT use to lookup domain names (search if a domain is available)
  2. DO NOT use to register a domain (unless you're crazy or want to pay 450% more than you should).
  3. USE reputed domain registrars such as!

In the meantime, I'm praying that my domain won't be taken during these 4 days.

NetworkSolutions sucks!
Their domain registration service is so expensive and so uncompetitive that they need to resort to this tactic to hold customers hostage. It's pathetic to what lengths a corporation can go to get customers and make sales. Whatever you do, do not use NetworkSolutions to look up or register a domain name. They suck.


Mr Money said...

I Agreed with you. They have just did like that with me. Fuck their mother.

Sozo's said...

They're actually not alone. does something similar, though they claim they do not...they lie! They also charge 35 bucks for registration.