Thursday, March 01, 2007

Elite Traveler's 2007 Top 5 Private Jet Trends Report: Big Jets are Getting Bigger, Big Name Chefs are whipping up Truffles & Fois Gras at 30,000 feet

While private jets are getting bigger, a new fleet of little jets (a.k.a very light jets) is carving out an explosive niche as the new rich man's taxi. Elite Traveler, the private jet lifestyle magazine, is tracking these and other emerging private jet travel trends of the world's super affluent. Now, the magazine reveals its latest report on the top five private jet trends in 2007 and offers a voyeuristic glimpse into the future of private flight.
"Truly, only the sky is the limit for today's elite traveler," says Douglas Gollan, president and editor-in-chief. "As big jets get even bigger, big names in everything from interiors to cuisine will play a role."

Elite Traveler's Top Five Private Jet Trends to watch in 2007 are:

  1. The Rich Man's Taxi -- Very light jets will change the way the wealthy
    travel as they hop from their luxury villa to a nearby city for dinner
    and then are back by midnight. "Very light jets are the car service
    of the future," says Gollan.
  2. Bigger Really is Better -- Private jets are getting bigger as
    individuals place orders for jets the size of a 737 and even larger.
    On board, stand-up bars, media rooms, sound-proof game rooms for kids
    and master bedrooms replace old-fashioned first class seating.
    "Customization is key," says Gollan. "We're going to see everyone
    getting involved -- from architects to high-end designers like Versace
    -- in order to give private jet travelers what they want for their
    penthouse in the sky."
  3. Private Jet Palates -- Pre-packaged meals have given way to haute
    dining at high altitudes
    . Wolfgang Puck, David Bouley and David Burke
    are among the top chefs crafting fois gras-filled menus and providing
    special gourmet services for private jet travelers. Some private jet
    companies are partnering with local top-rated restaurants, while some
    owners are simply opting to fly their personal chef along.
  4. Super Rich Sports Fans -- Increasingly, private jet travelers will cut
    the line, at least the airport, when heading to sporting and major
    events such as Art Basel in Miami, the Super Bowl, the Olympics and
    the America's Cup races. More and more of the Super Rich are taking
    their jets to big sporting events.
  5. The Uber Gift Card -- The gift of private jet travel is on the rise,
    with more and more people buying jet cards as gifts for friends and
    . "These work a lot like your debit card, deducting hours as
    they're used," says Gollan.

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