Friday, January 26, 2007

Quebec will soon seek tenders to replace Government jet

French-language daily La Presse reports that the Quebec Government will seek tenders to replace an 18-year-old ambulance aircraft.
Quebec Government's air transport arm (Service aérien gouvernemental) operates 20 aircraft, including 14 water bombers, 3 helicopters, and 3 transport/ambulance planes (Challenger 601-1A, Challenger 601-3A, Dash 8). The Challenger 601-1A is an ambulance aircraft, used for medical ferries. The Challenger 601-3A and the Dash 8 can be used for medical evacuations when the 601-1A is unavailable. They are otherwise chartered by the Government to fly the Premier, MPs and government freight.
Furthermore, the newspaper reports that Quebec Premier's air travel bill averages 10,000$ a week on frequent domestic legs. Jean Charest flies twice weekly between Montréal and Québec on one of the two Government-owned Challengers. In certain circumstances, private companies as well as international airlines are used.

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