Sunday, January 28, 2007

Google's Founders Boeing 767 Crashes... in a legal fight!

When billionaires and Google co-founders fly, they fly in style, and in a Boeing 767 private jet. The Google duo choose a 767-200 model that usually carries up to 180 passengers to be their private airplane. And because as far as performance and size were concerned, little change could be brought to the machine, Sergey Brin and Larry Page opted to transform the interior into a flying playground. For this, Blue City Holdings LLC, the company that actually owns the Boeing, hired Leslie Jennings in 2005, a very exclusive aviation designer.

The designer's job was to oversee the plane's interior redecoration according with Sergey and Larry's specifications. The two had elaborate and eccentric tastes from king size beds in their private rooms on board to an exercise space, a lounge complete with dinning area and piano and hammocks hanging from the ceiling.

When Blue City renounced Jennings’s contract in 2005 on grounds of incompetence, the high-end designer filed a complaint against Blue City and Gore Design Completions Ltd. for a reported $200.000 unreceived payments.

The legal battle carries on even at this time, with accusations on both sides and Brin and Page in the middle. Although the contract had a nondisclosure clause, details on the agreement surfaced following the litigation. It seems that the eccentric Google Duo had a budget of 10 millions dollars set aside for retrofitting the Boeing but that they eventually overspent. In a related statement, Google representatives said that the company will not reimburse its co-founders for the costs.

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Private Jet said...

I do find the two Google guys sexy... nerd/classic sexy. And yes, wealth and power give them an extra aura. But hey, is there ANY intimacy in their bedrooms onboard the B767?